The Draft Pod – Appetizers

Episode 122 – Appetizers 7/8/2019

On this episode of The Draft Pod the boys get us started on some starters!

They drafted the best ‘Restaurant Appetizers’ your tastebuds can handle. We cover everything here, from Bloomin Onions to Deviled Eggs, so put on your eating gloves and let’s destroy some apps!

Hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod and let us know what we missed! Thanks for listening!

The Draft Pod – Chain Restaurants

Episode 89 – Chain Restaurants 11/12/2018


On this episode of The Draft Podcast the guys are starting to think about the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and we started to think about the people that may have to spend Turkey Day and Tide their Yule alone.

We decided to help out by giving you some options for places to grab a bite when your life is shite. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to eat like college student on T-Day. You can hit up one of these ‘Chain Restaurants’!

We drafted all the best ‘Chain Restaurants’! The places you can go and dine! The places you can eat like a king, at the price of a Squire! We drafted your neighborhood bars and grills!

Hit us up on Twitter with your favorites! @TheDraftPod

The Draft Pod – Cool Treats LIVE!

Hello friends!

On this episode of The Draft Pod the guys draft Cool Treats for their Ultimate Ice Cream Truck! What makes this episode special is because of 2 things…

1. Andy was here, in studio!


2. We recorded LIVE on Facebook!

We got to take people’s questions live and really just have a lot of fun with this one!

Thanks for listening and let us know whose truck had the best tasty treats to beat the Summer heat on Twitter @TheDraftPod!

The Draft Pod – Fast Food

Episode 47 – Fast Food 1/22/2018

On this episode of The Draft Podcast the guys are choosing their teams of some of their most near and dear establishments, their drafting ‘Fast Food’!

Andy, James and Drew have been preparing for this contest most of their lives. These picks are as hot of a bowl of scolding hot Wendy’s chili! These picks are as serious as an In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style! These picks are as special as the sauce atop a towering Big Mac!!

I think, now,  we all understand the magnitude of this draft. Hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod! Give us some feedbag… sorry, feedback, I’m getting hungry just writing this.

Dah dut dah dah dahhh!

I’m loving… The Draft Pod Crew

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