The 1v1 Fight Scenes Draft w/ Daniel Solorzano

What better person to assist us with a ‘1v1 Movie Fight Scenes’ draft than the guy responsible for 80% of our wrestling content at, Daniel Solorzano! The Draft Pod boys and Daniel are throwing kicks and haymakers at this draft. Look out, there’s some wire-fu happening in those trees over there. Don’t be a wired fool and miss out on this one.

Wired fool?

Anyways, thanks for listening and hit us up @TheDraftPod to get in on the best fight scenes draft with your favorite slap happy sons of guns! Follow Daniel @EastwoodRavine and @JU_Wrestling on Twitter!

The X-Men Draft w/ Justin Conway

Hey everybody, we’re drafting X-Men with the help of a true X-pert, Justin Conway. Justin is the host of the Nerdicide Live Stream, every other Saturday on Instagram and runner of the Cyke101 Instagram page showing off his personal collection, and obsession, of all things Cyclops.

Justin hosts Nerdicide with a fellow friend of The Draft Pod, and last week’s guest, Courtney Wyant. Check them out on Instagram @Nerdicide and on YouTube!

Thanks for listening to The Draft Pod, hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod and follow our Insta @TheDraftPod_Official.

The Ink Poisoning Draft w/ Courtney Wyant

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us, and if you don’t have a date or any potentials we have the draft for you. Courtney Wyant of Nerdicide joins us to draft the sexiest cartoons of all time. We’re calling this one ‘Ink Poisoning’ because your best bet on V-Day is to skip the VD, and opt for 2D!

Follow Courtney @Chimpacabra, and @Nerdicide for show updates, on Twitter. Also, tune in next week when we have Justin Conway, the second half of Nerdicide, help us draft the best X-Men of all time!

Hit us up on @TheDraftPod on Twitter with your favorite ‘Ink Poisoner’!

The Best Movies of 2019 Draft w/ Wes Allen

Why Did We Ever Meet?

To draft amazing films you all need to see.

Today on The Draft Podcast we’re joined by Wes Allen of the ‘Why Did We Ever Meet?’ Podcast. Wes and his wife Ashley are new additions to the Jabroni University Network, but a familiar voice to fans of The Draft and JU Wrestling. Wes helped us draft the ‘Best Movies of 2019’ and boy was the past year packed with bangers.

Hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod and let us know your fav films of 2019! Follow Wes @WesBloodSprayer and follow ‘Why Did We Ever Meet?’ @WDWEMPodcast!

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