The Draft Pod – Episode 43 – Christmas Presents

On this episode of The Draft Podcast, the guys pick ‘Christmas Presents’. Old, New, Borrowed or Blue, these are presents we’ve received, presents you can get someone, presents other people got that made us jealous… all presents are on the board.

For this draft the guys are joined, in studio, by comedian, actor and all around great dude, Adam Garrison! Adam helped us round out our December series of all Christmas themed drafts and boy was this fun!!

Hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod and let us know who’s team won! Follow Adam on Twitter @BakinABeefcake for what he’s up to and just pure fun!!

Thanks for a great year guys and Merry Christmas to all of you!

The Draft Pod – Episode 42 – Christmas Traditions

On this episode of The Draft Pod, the guys drafted their teams of Christmas Traditions! These are all the things most of us have in common, how we celebrate Christmas. Maybe that’s why this is the time of year people come together and there’s a bit of peace in the world. Because the world is a crazy place people. Keep your heads up  out there!

Merry Christmas!

Let us know whose team correlated most with your family traditions! @TheDraftPod on Twitter.

The Draft Pod – Episode 41 – Christmas Movies

On this episode of The Draft Pod the guys draft their teams of 7 ‘Christmas Movies’. As Andy explains it Christmas is the 25th, 2+5=7, so teams of 7 it is!

These are great options for getting you and your family in the spirit of the holidays. Enough movies and options to watch everyday, from now, until Christmas!

Let us know whose team is strongest on Twitter @TheDraftPod!

The Draft Pod – Episode 40 – Christmas Music

On this episode of The Draft Pod the guys begin their Christmas celebration with a ‘Christmas Music’ mock draft! The guys build their teams of the best, most famous, carolers and carols of all time!

Let us know on Twitter @TheDraftPod who had the most spirited team and keep checking back every Monday in December for more Christmas themed drafts! Tits the season!!!

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